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The recruitment software module allows HR professionals to create and manage job postings, receive and review resumes, manage interviews, and track candidate progress throughout the hiring process.


By creating recruitment we can add the stage to manage candidates or applicants, You can add managers to manage the stage and the recruitment. By adding the managers can get certain permission to play around with the pipeline and complete the hiring process. The best-suggested way to create recruitment is from the pipeline view. It includes both tabular structure and kanban structure.

For now, Horilla’s recruitment process is done under any job position. That is, when you create a recruitment you must choose a job position for the recruitment and fill in the necessary details on the form like how many vacancies, who would be the managers, and so on. Once you create the recruitment now you can create stages to it. Once the hiring process is completed you can close the recruitment by editing it, the edit option is available in the three dots in the recruitment tabs.

You can create stages related to the recruitment or the job position chosen in it. For different Recruitment openings stages may vary depending on the job position. By choosing the stage managers they can add candidates to the stages and update their stages.

You can update the candidate stage by changing the stage options in the dropdown in the candidate row and also possible to update by dragging the candidate to the next stage.

In the button group in the candidate row, by clicking the mailbox icon you can send acknowledgement mail to the candidate.

The next newspaper icon is used to add remark notes to the candidates, so you can mark all the requirements required by the candidates through the Interviews and the hiring process. By clicking the eye icon now you can see all the remarks related to the candidates.

By clicking the document icon in the button group it will redirect you to the resume page, so from there you can see all the details of the candidate.

Application Form

By going to the URL path ‘/recruitment/application-form’, candidates can register themselves for the open recruitment or you can share the URL to fill in details of the candidates. By filling out the form they will automatically register for the initial or first stage of recruitment.

Once you put the candidate on the hired stage with the `hired` stage type, then now the candidate’s onboarding process may start by going through the onboarding process in Horilla.



Kanban is the suggested view when many applicants are in the hiring process. From here all the functionality in the pipeline like notes, and send-mail are available in the three dots.