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    Free of Cost

    Horilla HRMS is the only comprehensive Open Source HR software solution that's absolutely free.

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    Horilla HRMS is Open Source HR Software. You get to call shots. Use it however you see fit. No limits. No asterisks.

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    Host Yourself

    Horilla is yours, forever. You can host it wherever you like. Be it local or on a live server. It's all yours.

Complete HR Solution

All the modules you'll ever need in one software.

  • Efficient Attendance Management

    Efficiently manage employee attendance with Horilla HR software check-in and check-out feature, providing effortless tracking and eliminating manual attendance registers.

  • Attendance Monthly Account

    Get a clear overview of employees' attendance patterns and monitor punctuality with Horilla software comprehensive monthly account module. It calculates and tracks total hours worked by each employee.

  • Overtime Calculation

    Accurately calculate overtime hours worked by employees using Horilla Open Source Attendance Software. It automatically calculates extra hours beyond regular work hours, ensuring proper compensation and compliance with labor regulations.

  • Late-Come and Early-Out Tracking

    Track late arrivals and early departures with Horilla Open Source Attendance Software through check-in/check-out activity. Identify and address attendance issues, promoting punctuality and adherence to work schedules.

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  • Manage Recruitment Easily

    Manage all your recruitment easily Horilla Open Source Recruitment Software. Horilla HRMS intuitive UI makes it easy to view and manage all your recruitment and potential candidates.

  • Identify Potential Candidates

    Easily identify potential candidates with our intelligent suggestions. Analyze and understand candidates, their strengths and weaknesses. All in one glance.

  • Manage Recruitment Flow

    Define your recruitment flow and manage each step with full control. Set up each stage and manage candidates. Switch between stages, prioritize & more.

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  • Seamless Integration and Familiarization

    This integration and familiarization process sets a positive tone for the new employee's experience and contributes to their retention and productivity by using Horilla Open Source Onboarding Software.

  • Preparation for a Successful Start

    By preparing new employees in advance, they feel welcomed, informed, and ready to hit the ground running on their first day.

  • Positive Impact on Engagement, Productivity, and Retention

    An effective onboarding experience enhances retention rates, as new employees feel supported and valued by the organization.

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  • Streamlined and Efficient Leave Management

    Employees can easily apply for leave through Horilla Open Source Leave Management Software, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and streamlining the process.

  • Effective Leave Planning and Operational Continuity

    The system allows managers to proactively manage leave patterns, identify trends, and take necessary measures to minimize absenteeism.

  • Enhanced Accuracy and Compliance

    The system accurately calculates leave balances, tracks leave accruals, and enforces policy rules.

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  • Streamlined Asset Tracking and Accountability

    Asset management software systems can track the location, status, and usage of assets, including asset requests and allocations.

  • Optimized Maintenance and Reliability

    Asset management software can schedule maintenance based on asset usage and repair history, including for allocated assets.

  • Improved Compliance and Risk Management

    Asset management systems can track compliance with regulations and standards, including for allocated assets.

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  • Employee Directory and Information Management

    Horilla open source software employee software provides a centralized platform for managing and organizing employee details, including personal and work-related information, creating a comprehensive employee directory for easy access.

  • Personal Information Management

    The open source employee management software in Horilla HRMS Software securely stores and manages personal information of employees, including names, addresses, contact details, and emergency contacts. It ensures accurate and readily available information for HR professionals and managers.

  • Work Information Tracking

    Efficiently track and manage work-related information with Horilla Open Source HR Software. It includes job position, department, reporting hierarchy, employment status, and joining date, providing a clear overview of each employee's work profile and facilitating organization based on roles and responsibilities.

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  • Improved Clarity and Alignment with OKRs

    OKRs provide clear direction and goals for employees.

    Helps employees understand how their work aligns with company goals.

    Increases motivation and productivity.

  • Holistic View of Performance with 360 Feedback

    360 feedback gathers feedback from multiple sources.

    Provides a comprehensive view of employee performance.

    Results in more accurate and fair performance evaluations.

  • Continuous Improvement with Ongoing Feedback

    OKRs and 360 feedback can be used on a regular basis.

    Provides ongoing feedback to employees.

    Encourages a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

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  • Manage Cotracts & Agreements

    Horilla's Payroll Software Contract Management simplifies employment agreements. Easily create contracts, define compensation, set durations, and manage leave. Customize work arrangements with various wage types.

  • Manage Allowances with Ease

    Horilla HRMS Software streamlines allowance management with customizable options, eligibility criteria, and allocation controls, promoting policy adherence and compensation fairness.

  • Simplify Deduction Management

    Horilla HRMS streamlines deduction management, offering customization, eligibility settings, and targeted allocation, ensuring fair compensation practices.

  • Effortless Federal Tax Management

    Horilla Open Source HR Software simplifies tax calculations, automating accurate withholdings for employees and ensuring smooth payroll processing.

  • Generate Payslip Easily

    Effortlessly generate detailed payslips with Horilla Open Source Payroll Management Software, including salary, allowances, deductions, and taxes for each pay period.

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  • Streamlined Resignation Handling

    Horilla HRMS Software simplifies the submission and management of employee resignations through an intuitive interface, enabling efficient tracking and processing. Multiple Offboarding Processes:

  • Customized Workflows

    The system supports the creation of distinct offboarding processes, tailored to different scenarios such as resignations, retirements, or terminations, providing flexibility in managing diverse employee exits. Flexible Offboarding Feature:

  • User-Defined Offboarding Tasks

    Horilla HRMS Software empowers users to create and define offboarding tasks according to their specific needs. This allows for a personalized and adaptable approach to managing the offboarding process, ensuring that tasks are aligned with organizational requirements and individual circumstances.

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  • Centralized Frequently Asked Questions

    Horilla Help Desk provides a centralized repository for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), allowing users to quickly access and find solutions to common queries. This feature streamlines support and reduces the need for repetitive inquiries.

  • Efficient Ticket Handling

    The Help Desk includes a robust ticket management system, enabling users to log, track, and monitor their support requests. Horilla ensures an organized and efficient resolution process, enhancing communication between users and support teams. Feel free to customize the language and details based on the specific functionalities and benefits your Help Desk system provides.

  • Prioritization and Escalation

    Horilla Help Desk includes a prioritization and escalation feature, allowing support teams to categorize and prioritize tickets based on urgency and impact. This ensures that critical issues are addressed promptly, preventing potential disruptions. Additionally, the system facilitates automatic escalation of high-priority items to the appropriate personnel, optimizing response times and resolution efficiency.

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It's Free.
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