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How Hiring Process Work in Horilla?


Horilla recruitment module allows HR professionals to create and manage job postings, receive and review resumes, manage interviews, and track candidate progress throughout the hiring process. You can create new recruitment and manage it through the recruitment pipeline view. It is easier and faster to manage and track candidate resumes.

Step-1  Creating Recruitment

To initiate a fresh recruitment process, navigate to the “Recruitment” menu and select “Recruitment Pipeline”. On the top right corner of the screen, you will find a “Recruitment” button. Click on it to begin a new recruitment by filling in the required details.

Step-2  Creating Stages

After that, you can see a new tab is added corresponding to the recruitment. So click on the tab and add new stages.

And fill in the stage information like the stage title, type, and managers. Put the stage type as initial if the stage is the first stage of your hiring process, if the interview kind of stage put the type as an interview if hired stage then put hired as the type and create all the stages that you wish to include.

Pipeline view

Step-3  Add Candidates and Manage

After creating all the stages now you are ready to add candidates to the stages. You can add directly to the stages by clicking on the plush icon at the right end of the stages or you can share the application form link


Application Form

Therefore, the candidate themselves are able to actively engage in the open recruitment phase. When candidates fill through the form so they are put to the initial stage, so before you share the recruitment form please create a stage with the initial type.


Candidate Management

Once you add the candidate now you can update the stage of the candidate through the filtration process and you can mark the performance of the candidate in the Note feature in the recruitment software module.

Candidate Stage Update

You can update the stage of the candidate by updating the drop-down value.

Also, you can update the candidate stage by drag and drop. When you use kanban view you need to drag and drop the candidate to the next stage.


Candidate Note or Remark

The candidate remark feature is valuable for monitoring candidate requirements and assessing performance. Click the newspaper icon to load the form and fill in the remark. Upon entering the remark, you can access and review it by selecting the eye icon. Also, you can send acknowledgment mail to the candidate if he qualified for the next stage or any other reason in the mailbox icon in the list view.

Through the process, once the candidate reaches the hired stage with hired type, the candidate is now available on the onboarding candidate view.

Go to menu Onboarding > Candidate View from here you can start the onboarding process