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The attendance software module is the main module to track and manage employee attendance. By using the attendance module employee can mark their attendance using the check-in/out system. The module tracks overtime and finds late comes and early outs and also allows for verification of mistake attendances like forgetting to checkout or exceeding attendance validation conditions defined in the settings and so on.

Check-In Check-Out

Check-in/out is the system that marks attendance activity, used to calculate how much duration the employee works, and from the activities, attendances are created. Which tracks all the in-out activities of the employees.

Attendance View

The attendance view manages the attendance which is not validated and the attendance that contains overtime. The attendance in the tab validate attendance is the attendance which needs to be verified may the attendance be corrupted or mistakes are there. The second tab contains the attendance that has been validated and overtime exists. Approving the overtime hour will update the attendance account of the employee. The third tab contains all the attendance which has been validated.

Hour Account

The attendance account manages the employee contribution to the company by hour. From this view, you can track all of the employee total worked hours by month and year.

Late Come Early Out

Late come early out is identified by the clock-in/out system with the shift schedules for the day. If an employee mark check-in after the shift scheduled start time then the attendance will mark as late come and leave before the shift ends marked as early out.

Attendance Activity

Attendance activities are created when check-in checkout happens and this page is useful to manage all the activity of the employee.

My Attendance

My attendance page is used to view the previous attendance of individual employees who don’t have any access level on the attendance software module. If there are any mistakes in validated attendance then the employee can click the revalidate button to verify the attendance from the manager.