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How to Use ‘Send Mail’ Feature in Horilla for Candidate Communication in HRMS

In the dynamic realm of Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), Horilla stands as an exemplary solution, embodying the principles of versatility, innovation, and accessibility. Built on the robust foundation of Python Django, Horilla HRMS Software has emerged as a distinctive and powerful free and open-source HRMS, addressing the diverse needs of organizations across the globe. […]

How to Manage Leave Allocation Requests in Horilla HR Software

The significance of leave allocation requests cannot be overstated. When an employee exhausts their assigned leaves and requires additional time off, it is essential to initiate a formal request to allocate extra days within the specific leave type required. Employees can create and modify their leave allocation requests. These requests will appear in the HR […]

How to Create Best Questionnaires Using Recruitment Survey Feature in Horilla

In today’s fast-moving world of recruitment, efficiency and accuracy are more important than ever. As technology reshapes our lives, traditional methods of evaluating candidates have evolved. This is where Horilla, a cutting-edge recruitment management platform, comes in. It offers HR managers and recruiters a powerful tool to create custom questionnaires for applicants. This not only […]

15 Best Strategies on How to Improve Work Efficiency in 2023

Efficiency is vital for business success, ensuring quality while managing costs. These 15 tips offer universal ways to cut expenses and boost employee output. Whether a startup or a corporate giant, the goal is improved results driven by workplace efficiency. Discover streamlined methods to amplify productivity, growth, and profits. Factors like environment, job satisfaction, training, […]

10 Primary Objectives of Human Resource Management [HRM] in 2023

Human Resource Management (HRM) is rooted in the fundamental principle of overseeing workplace relationships. This managerial function encompasses every facet of an employee’s professional journey, spanning recruitment, advancement, and departure from the company. Embracing the entire spectrum of HR processes, from staffing to personnel, HRM aligns its objectives to optimize employee talents in achieving organizational […]

10 HR Best Practices You Need to Follow in 2023

In the ever-evolving HR landscape, adopting best practices drives business performance, employee experience, engagement, and retention. This blog delves into the top HR practices for 2023, considering the pandemic’s impact on work dynamics. Stay ahead with strategic human resource management. Defining HR Best Practices: HR Best Practices are a set of internal guidelines and strategies […]

How Attendance Regularization Using Horilla HRMS in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of Human Resource Management, staying ahead with innovative solutions is key to ensuring smooth operations and enhanced employee satisfaction. We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to our Horilla HR Software Attendance Module – the all-new “Attendance Request” feature. This feature not only streamlines the process of managing attendance but […]

How to Create an Effective Employee Development Plan [2023]

Employee development plans play a pivotal role in unleashing the full potential of a workforce and driving overall organizational success. In this comprehensive blog, we will delve into four essential steps to craft highly effective and empowering employee development plans. By aligning individual aspirations with the strategic goals of the organization, these plans become powerful […]

Top 10 Employee Incentive Ideas That Will Actually Motivate Your Team in 2024

Motivating employees is crucial for driving team performance and productivity. Encouraging and inspiring motivation and engagement among employees, incentives serve as a pivotal element in driving the workforce. By understanding what truly motivates employees, organizations can design effective incentive programs that align with their goals and values. This blog explores ten employee incentive ideas that […]

Top 9 Best Practices for Effective Offboarding in 2023

Offboarding, an essential aspect of the employee lifecycle, marks the culmination of a professional relationship between an employee and their company. While onboarding facilitates a seamless entry into the organization, offboarding ensures a smooth transition out of it. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the significance of offboarding and the best practices to […]

How Does the Rotating Shift Work in Horilla?

Introduction In today’s dynamic work environment, organizations strive to accommodate the diverse needs of their employees. One effective approach is the implementation of rotating shifts, where employees alternate between different shifts on a periodic basis. Rotating shifts distribute work hours and responsibilities fairly among employees, promote fairness, and maintain operational continuity in industries that require […]

Top 5 Key Benefits & Features of Horilla HRMS for Asset Management

Introduction: Asset management is an important component of running a successful organization. It entails tracking, preserving, and optimizing firm assets in order to increase value while minimizing expenditures. Organizations require comprehensive tools and solutions to streamline their asset management procedures in today’s fast-paced and competitive business climate. This blog discusses how Horilla delivers a comprehensive […]