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How to Send Salary Slips to Employees via Email in Horilla Payroll Management Software

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January 2, 2024


In the dynamic realm of Human Resource Management, the use of efficient and user-friendly HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software has become indispensable. One such notable solution is Horilla, a free and open-source HRMS that stands out with its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the payroll management software within Horilla, focusing on its innovative ‘Send Payslips by Mail’ feature, which allows users to effortlessly distribute payslips to employees via email.

Horilla HRMS Overview:

Horilla has gained recognition for being a reliable and cost-effective HRMS solution, catering to the needs of businesses, irrespective of their size. Its open-source nature makes it a preferred choice for organizations seeking customization and flexibility in managing their human resources.

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Payroll Software in Horilla:

The payroll management system in Horilla HRMS is a robust tool designed to simplify the intricate process of payroll management. It enables HR professionals to generate individual payslips as well as handle bulk processing with ease. The Horilla payroll software is equipped with features that ensure accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in managing employee compensation.

Generating Payslips Individually & in Batches:

Horilla payroll management software allows users to generate payslips on an individual basis or in batches, providing flexibility based on the organization’s needs. Individual payslip generation ensures personalized and detailed information for each employee, while batch processing streamlines the payroll workflow for multiple employees simultaneously.

‘Send Payslips via Mail’ Feature:

One standout feature within Horilla’s payroll software is the ‘Send Payslips by Mail’ functionality. This feature offers a seamless solution for distributing payslips directly to employees via email attachments. This not only saves time and resources but also enhances the overall efficiency of the payroll management process.

Efficient Batch Emailing:

One of the key advantages of Horilla’s ‘Send Payslips by Mail’ feature is its ability to send multiple payslips in a single email, streamlining the distribution process for HR professionals. Instead of sending individual emails to each employee, users can select multiple payslips and send them collectively, reducing the time and effort required to disseminate crucial financial information.

How to Send a Payslip via mail?

  1. Navigate to the view payslip section, Payroll>Payslip on the sidebar of Horilla HRMS
  2. On the right side of the payslip there you can see the send payslip via mail option
  3. While clicking on the option you get asked for confirmation
  4. By confirming the prompt the payslip will be sent to the employee in the background of the Horilla server.
  5. Once it’s done the mail option on the actions group will highlight

The respective order to accomplisht the feature

The payslip as attachment

How to Batch email or Bulk email of Payslip?

  1. Navigate to the view payslip section, Payroll>Payslip on the sidebar of Horilla HRMS
  2. Select the payslips by ticking the checkbox on the right of the payslip records/rows in which you want to send the payslip.
  3. Navigate to the action menu on the top bar and choose the send via mail option. After choosing the send-by-mail option payslip will be sent in the background. Once it is done the the mail option on the actions group of the payslip will highlight

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In conclusion, the ‘Send Payslips by Mail’ feature in Horilla HRMS proves to be a valuable asset for organizations seeking an efficient and user-friendly payroll solution. The combination of individual and batch payslip generation, along with the streamlined email distribution process, enhances the overall payroll management experience. As businesses continue to prioritize automation and accuracy in HR processes, Horilla stands out as a commendable choice, offering a feature-rich payroll management software that contributes to the seamless functioning of the entire human resource management systems workflow.

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