Look for Opportunities to Reduce Unconscious Bias


Uncover unconscious bias in recruiting methods. Implement strategies to minimize bias and promote inclusivity.

Ensure Diversity on Your Shortlisting & Interview Panels


Build diverse interview panels to ensure fair representation. Embrace varied perspectives in the selection process.

Use Hiring Software to Automate the Process


Leverage innovative hiring tools to streamline recruitment, ensuring fairness and efficiency in candidate selection.

Revise Your Job Descriptions


Craft inclusive job descriptions to attract diverse talent. Use inclusive language and highlight a commitment to diversity.

Celebrate Diversity as Part of Your Employer Branding


Integrate diversity into your brand narrative. Showcase a culture that values and celebrates diversity.

Create & Advertise More Flexible Company Policies


Implement flexible policies that accommodate diverse needs. Communicate these inclusive policies effectively.

Proactively Offer Accommodations


Proactively provide accommodations during the hiring process. Create an environment conducive to diverse candidates.

Use Jobs Boards to Source Underrepresented Candidates


Explore job boards catering to underrepresented groups. Tap into diverse talent pools for recruitment.

Offer Internships for Underrepresented Young People


Create internship opportunities targeted towards underrepresented youth. Foster early career pathways for diverse talent.

Practice Fair Chance Hiring


Embrace fair chance hiring practices. Provide opportunities to individuals who have faced barriers to employment.