Identify What to Recognize


Are you looking to reward individual achievements, team accomplishments, or company-wide milestones? Once you know what you're looking for, you can start to develop a system for tracking and celebrating these successes.

Make It Timely


The sooner you recognize an achievement, the more meaningful it will be to your employees. Aim to recognize employees within a day or two of their accomplishment. If you wait too long, the impact of the recognition will be diminished.

Make Recognition Genuine


Avoid generic or canned recognition. Take the time to personalize your messages and make sure they are specific to the employee's achievement.

Get Personal


Make recognition more meaningful by tailoring it to the individual employee's preferences. Some employees may appreciate public recognition, while others may prefer something more private.

Make It Collaborative


Encourage employees to recognize each other's accomplishments. This can be done through a peer-to-peer recognition program or by simply encouraging employees to give each other kudos on a regular basis.

Make Employee Recognition a Habit


Don't make recognition a rare event. Make it a regular part of your culture by incorporating it into your daily interactions, team meetings, and performance reviews.

Be Fair


Make sure your recognition program is fair and consistent. Avoid favoritism and make sure all employees have an equal opportunity to be recognized.

Don't Forget Remote Workers


Make sure your recognition program is inclusive of remote workers. This may involve using technology to deliver recognition or creating opportunities for remote workers to connect with their colleagues.

Get Creative


Don't limit yourself to traditional forms of recognition. Get creative and come up with new and innovative ways to show your employees that you appreciate them.

Keep Employee Recognition & Criticism Separate


Avoid mixing employee recognition with criticism. This can make employees feel like their accomplishments are not valued.