Statutory Notice Period


Statutory notice periods are mandated by law and ensure a fair termination process for both employers and employees. 

Contractual Notice Period


Contractual notice periods are agreed upon in employment contracts.

Probationary Notice


During the probationary period, both employers and employees have the flexibility to terminate the employment relationship with shorter notice periods.

Dismissal without Notice


In exceptional circumstances, employers may dismiss an employee without notice.

Payment in Lieu of Notice (PILON)


PILON refers to the compensation provided to employees when their employment is terminated without serving the notice period.

Fixed-term Contract


A fixed-term contract has a predetermined end date or is linked to the completion of a specific task.

Redundancy Notice


Redundancy notices are issued when an employer needs to reduce their workforce due to economic reasons, technological advancements.

Withdrawing Notice


In some cases, an employer or employee may decide to withdraw a previously issued notice.

Notice Period for Resignation


When an employee wishes to resign from their position, they are required to serve a notice period as specified in their employment contract.