Help Employees Identify Stressors


Encourage open communication channels for employees to voice their stress triggers. Understanding these can aid in tailored solutions.

Encourage Teams to Prioritize & Focus


Guide teams in setting realistic goals and prioritizing tasks. Avoid multitasking and promote focused efforts for better productivity.

Facilitate Support Groups & Buddy Systems


Implement support networks where colleagues can share experiences and offer mutual assistance. Buddy systems foster collaboration and emotional support.

Create a Culture that Disconnects to Recharge


Promote a work environment that values breaks and time away from screens. Encourage employees to disconnect during non-work hours for mental rejuvenation.

Encourage Vacations & Paid Time Off


Advocate for utilizing vacation days and paid time off to rest and recharge. Encourage employees to take breaks to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Remind Employees to Try a Screen Detox


Suggest periodic screen detoxes to reduce digital overload. Encourage alternative activities that promote relaxation and mental clarity.