Announce the Departure


Notify relevant stakeholders about the employee departure and clarify the next steps for redistributing responsibilities.

Document Departure


Draft a formal letter of resignation or termination to maintain clear records of the employee's departure.

Project Handover


Request the departing employee to compile a list of ongoing projects and their respective deadlines for smooth continuity.

Training Replacement


Allow time for proper knowledge transfer by enabling the departing employee to train their replacement or other team members.

Collect Company Equipment


Ensure the return of all company-owned equipment like laptops, phones, & security badges upon the employee's departure.

Revoke Access


Secure company data by changing passwords and revoking access to systems and accounts used by the departing employee.

Review Contractual Obligations


Ensure the departing employee understands and complies with any contractual obligations, such as non-compete agreements.

Finalize Payments


Arrange the final paycheck & any severance pay owed to the departing employee & remove them from the company's payroll system.

Provide Benefit Information


Inform the departing employee about their post-employment benefits, including details about 401(k) plans and COBRA health insurance coverage.

Conduct Exit Interview


Schedule an exit interview to gather feedback from the departing employee & identify areas for improvement in the offboarding process.