Basic Salary


The foundation of any CTC package, the basic salary is the fixed amount that an employee receives without any additional allowances or deductions.

Dearness Allowance (DA)


DA is an allowance provided to offset the impact of inflation. It is calculated as a percentage of the basic salary and can vary based on the cost of living index.

Incentives & Bonuses


Incentives and bonuses serve as additional rewards for employees based on their performance, targets achieved, or company profits. They motivate employees to perform better and contribute to their overall CTC.

Conveyance Allowance


This allowance covers transportation expenses incurred by employees for commuting between home and office. It helps ease the financial burden of daily travel.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)


HRA is provided to employees to cover their rental expenses. It is a beneficial component, particularly for those who do not own a house and reside in rented accommodations.

Medical Allowance


The medical allowance caters to an employee's healthcare needs. It may include reimbursement for medical bills, insurance premiums, or access to medical facilities.

Leave Travel Allowance / Concession (LTA/LTC)


LTA/LTC allows employees to claim travel expenses when they avail leave for personal reasons or for travel during holidays. It promotes work-life balance and encourages employees to take vacations.

Vehicle Allowance


Vehicle allowance provides financial support to employees who use their personal vehicles for official purposes. It helps cover fuel expenses, maintenance, and other related costs.

Telephone & Mobile Allowance


In the digital era, communication is vital. Telephone and mobile allowances are provided to employees to cover their communication expenses, ensuring seamless connectivity for work-related activities.

Special Allowance


Special allowances are provided as per the specific needs or requirements of employees. They can include allowances for professional development, housekeeping, meal subsidies, or any other unique aspect.