Understand the Company’s Goals


Align workforce planning with your company's strategic goals. Identify the skills and roles needed to achieve these objectives.

Invest in the Right Workforce Planning Software


Choose software that offers analytics, forecasting, & reporting to streamline your workforce planning process.

Take Inventory of Your Internal Talent


Assess your current workforce to understand existing skills and identify gaps. Utilize employee profiles and performance data.

Consider the Status Quo Then Develop a Plan


Analyze your current workforce structure and practices. Develop a plan that addresses gaps and aligns with future needs.

Prioritize Hiring Needs & Succession Planning


Identify critical roles and create a succession plan. Prioritize hiring for positions that are essential for achieving strategic goals.

Consider Employee Working Capacity


Evaluate the workload and capacity of your employees. Ensure you have enough staff to meet demands without overburdening them.

Add in Attrition & Turnover


Account for expected attrition and turnover rates. Develop strategies to retain key talent and mitigate potential losses.

Consider Reduction Processes When Necessary


Prepare for potential downsizing by identifying non-essential roles and creating a plan to manage layoffs effectively.

Map the Impact Your Recruitment Will Have


Understand how new hires will impact your existing workforce. Ensure new roles align with your strategic goals and team dynamics.

Talk to Hiring Managers


Collaborate with hiring managers to understand their needs and challenges. Use their insights to refine your workforce planning strategy.