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How to Schedule Interviews in Horilla Free Recruitment Software [2024]


Interview scheduling is a crucial component of the recruitment process in an HR system, serving multiple important functions. Firstly, it enhances efficiency by organizing interviews systematically, saving valuable time for both candidates and interviewers. By coordinating the availability of all parties involved, including interviewers and interview rooms, ensures smooth operations without conflicts or last-minute changes. This coordination helps present a professional and organized image of the company, which is vital for attracting top talent. Additionally, effective interview scheduling ensures fairness by providing equal opportunities for all candidates to be assessed promptly. It also facilitates easy tracking and management of the recruitment process, allowing HR teams to monitor progress, follow up on pending tasks, and make timely decisions. Overall, interview scheduling is indispensable for a seamless, fair, and professional recruitment process.

In Horilla HRMS, there is an option to schedule interviews with the candidates in the recruitment process. Now let’s go through how we can set the scheduling for the candidates. Firstly, we can do it through the recruitment pipeline.

Under the main menu Recruitment Software, we can see the submenu named Recruitment Pipeline marked as 1 in the picture. In this view, we can see all the ongoing recruitments and the candidates under the corresponding recruitment. By clicking the icon marked as 2 in the picture, we get the form to schedule the interview for that corresponding candidate.

In this form, we can assign the interviewers who are the stage manager or the recruitment manager of that recruitment. We can set the date and time for the interview then a notification will be sent to the employees who are selected as the interviewers. If the interview’s scheduled date is today, then there will be some indication along with the name of the candidate and while hovering over the icon, it will show the details.

All the scheduled interviews can be seen in the individual view of the candidate. In the employee’s individual view, there is a tab to see all the interviews where the employee served as the interviewer.

We have a separate view for the interview section. If the employee is selected as the interviewer, the employee can view the interview submenu in the recruitment section marked as 1 in the picture below.

In this section, we can see the status of the interview, whether it was completed or not. If the interview is completed, then the interviewer can update the interview status to complete by enabling the button in the form.

If the employee, who is the interviewer, tries to send a leave request on the scheduled interview date, then he/she will get an alert message informing that there is an interview on that date along with the details. Here is an example below.

Here we can see that the alert message shows that on the requested date, the employee has an interview. If he or she wants to continue with the requested leave by clicking the ‘yes’ employee can send the request on the same day, and the admin side, the admin can view the request with some conflict, and then they can approve or reject the request.

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In conclusion, Horilla’s interview scheduling system is a crucial tool for enhancing the recruitment process. It ensures efficiency by organizing interviews systematically, saving valuable time for both candidates and interviewers. The system coordinates the availability of all parties, including interviewers and interview rooms, preventing conflicts and last-minute changes. This organized approach not only presents a professional image to candidates but also ensures fairness by providing equal opportunities for all to be assessed promptly.

Horilla’s interview section offers a comprehensive solution for managing interview schedules. From easily accessing ongoing recruitments and scheduling interviews through a user-friendly interface to real-time updates and conflict alerts, Horilla streamlines the entire process. Interviewers can view and update the status of their interviews, and any potential scheduling conflicts are managed effectively with prompt alerts and administrative oversight. By utilizing Horilla’s robust scheduling features, companies can maintain a seamless, fair, and professional recruitment process. This organized and efficient approach ultimately supports HR teams in making timely and informed decisions, enhancing the candidate experience, and attracting top talent.

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