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How to Manage Employee Documents with Horilla HRMS

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May 23, 2024

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, efficiently managing employee documents is essential for every organization’s success. From the initial hiring process to ongoing evaluations and beyond, the sheer volume of paperwork can quickly become overwhelming if not handled properly. This is where HRMS software steps in, revolutionizing how businesses manage their documents.
Traditional, offline document management methods are riddled with inefficiencies and challenges. Paper documents are susceptible to being lost, damaged, or misplaced, resulting in compliance problems and security threats. Moreover, collaborating on paper-based documents can be cumbersome, especially in today’s remote work environment.
Enter Horilla HRMS software—a revolutionary solution engineered to streamline document management processes and elevate organizational efficiency. With Horilla, everything is seamlessly digitized and organized in one central digital hub. Employees can easily upload, access, and update documents from anywhere, at any time, eliminating the hassle of sifting through stacks of paper or searching for misplaced files.
What sets Horilla apart is its user-friendly interface and robust features that empower teams to collaborate effectively. Whether it’s approving documents, or setting reminders for deadlines, Horilla simplifies every aspect of document management. And the best part? It’s completely free and open-source, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.
By leveraging Horilla HRMS software, companies can bid farewell to the chaos of offline document management and embrace a more streamlined, secure, and efficient approach. Say goodbye to paper clutter and hello to a digital revolution in managing employee documents with Horilla.

1. Initiating Document Requests

Managers or reporting managers can easily request documents via Horilla HRMS, located conveniently in the employee tab sidebar under the document request section. This feature is accessible only to admins and managers, ensuring security and proper authorization. By clicking “Create,” managers are guided through a user-friendly form to input essential details such as request title, targeted employees, document format preferences (including popular options like PDF, TXT, DOCX, etc.), maximum document size (if applicable), and any additional notes. This structured approach simplifies the initiation process, promoting clear and precise document requests.

2. Managing Document Requests

After initiating a document request, Horilla HRMS software automatically generates a document object for each designated employee. This setup allows employees to upload their requested documents from their individual profiles easily. Managers can track the progress of each request, as the software displays the total number of requested documents versus those successfully uploaded from the document request page. This real-time visibility enhances managerial oversight, facilitating proactive decision-making and timely follow-up actions when needed.

3. Adding Documents

Adding a document in Horilla HRMS is straightforward for employees. They can start by accessing their profile through the profile picture or the employee tab. Once in their profile, they navigate to the “Document” tab and click “Create.” This action prompts a form to appear, where they input the document title, upload the file, set an expiry date if necessary, specify the notification period before expiry (if applicable), and indicate if the document serves as a digital asset for the company. After completing the form, employees save the document to finalize the process.

4. Review and Approval

Once employees upload documents, admins or managers can review them and decide whether to approve or reject each document. Managers have the capability to view the requested documents and download them from the individual document view within the document request section.

This streamlined process allows for efficient document management, ensuring that managers have the necessary oversight to assess the relevance and accuracy of each document before approving it. Additionally, the ability to download documents directly from the document request view provides convenient access to the necessary files for further review or storage.


In summary, Horilla HRMS provides a comprehensive solution for organizations aiming to streamline their document management processes. By harnessing its intuitive interface and robust features, businesses can enhance collaboration, improve compliance, and boost overall efficiency. Say goodbye to paper-based chaos and embrace the digital revolution with Horilla HRMS.

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